For whom?

A large group of people can benefit from our dynamic arm supports. They only need some strength in their fingers and some flexibility in their joints. We’ll defy gravity and they do the rest.

Armon Products dynamic arm supports can be used by people with limited arm and shoulder function. This can be a result of for instance:

·       muscle disease ·       neurological disorder
·       rheumatism, reumatoid arthritis ·       repetitive strain injury
·       rotator cuff injuries ·       cervical pain
·       postural problems ·       thoracic and lumbar pain
·       after breast surgery ·       brain injury, stroke, CVA, TBI
·       tetraplegia, quadriplegia, paraplegia ·       spinal cord injury
·       mastectomy ·       SCI
·       RSI / CANS / OOS

Armon Products dynamic arm supports can be used for:

  • daily personal use. To make people independent again. Eating, drinking, combing their hair, putting on glasses, practising hobbies, working on a computer/tablet, a.s.o.
  • training and rehabilitation. To accelerate and shorten the rehabilitation time. To save on staff working hours.